Senior Wing Group Photo

Senior Wing Group Photo

Message from Senior Wing Incharge

Dear students, Parents, Guardians and well wishers each child born into this world is a gift in itself. Everyone is endowed with immense Potentialities talents and the capacity to achieve extra-ordinary limits.

“If you make a child feel loved, connected, purposeful and inquisitive, brain development will follow”.

Children’s brains are like sponges, they absorb in everything surrounding them. So it is important that children learn how to be excited about learning from an early age. Parents are the ones who need to instill this excitement in their children Parents need to know the strength and weakness of their children. The role of Parents and teacher is needed for academic growth, Co-Curricular activities, Social behavior, moral education and above all round development of children.

Let us thinks of story of walnut. If walnut is compared to some of the beautiful and exciting things that grow on our planet, it does not seem to be a marvelous act of creation. It is common looking, rough not particularly attractive. Beside it is small. Its growth is limited by the hard shell that surrounds it, the shall from which it never escapes on its own. But that is the wrong way to judge walnut. If we open a walnut and look inside we find that the walnut has grown to fill every book and cranny available to it if had no say in the size and shape of that shall, but given those laminations. Its full potential of growth.

Education is the Second pillar of society along with family, the first pillar. The foundation of civilized society depend on these two pillars of society. The purpose of education is to bring out hidden potential in every individual. We at Pragyan Public School believe that education should foster individual creativity, exploration and experimentation as a life-long process. We try our best to nurture young boys and girls of character competence, attitude and passion and prepare them for a balanced, healthy. Happy and ever-growing, out of box thinkers living to makes contribution for making the society and the earth a better place to live.

With this purpose in mind, we provide opportunities to our students to grow in all spheres of life. Different competitions, circular and extracurricular activities are meant to help the child to reach full potential of growth.

Wish you a batter future.

Mrs.Bosky Singh
(Senior Wing Incharge)