Pragyan Guiding Principles

A Broader, Bolder Education

Some of the guiding principles of a Broader, Bolder education of Pragyan are:

  • It aims to bring out the best and highest in human nobility.
  • It makes a child a collaborator in his / her own growth process and in the development of community.
  • It provides non-sectarian spiritual direction, guidance and leadership to its students, their parents and society in general.
  • It is a continuous and creative process. Its aim is to develop the capacities latent in human nature and to coordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society by equipping children with material, human and spiritual education.
  • It also acts as a powerful instrument of profound social transformation.

Such a Broader, Bolder education of Pragyan releases capacities, develops analytical abilities, confidence in oneself, will power and goal setting competencies and instills the vision that will enable a child to become, one day, a self-motivated agent of social transformation. Pragyan has a proactive, forward-looking agenda. At the centre of this agenda is the transformation of both the individual child and society. Numerous avenues are utilized to involve, educate and influence parents and the community by Pragyan.