Goals of Pragyan

Goals of Pragyan

Goal of Pragyan Education

The Pragyan Society is non-profit, non-proprietary educational bodies recognized for its preschools generate opportunities for classroom-integrated service-learning experiences with students.
All students participate actively in service-learning experiences to build higher order academic skills, strengthen relationships and develop civic skills. Community organizations partner with schools to provide authentic service-learning experiences aggressive approach and commitment to excellence.

Pragyan  provides a Broader, Bolder education founded upon spiritual principles and educates by it not only the students but also the parents and society at large, it becomes a lighthouse of society. In this new role, Pragyan presents enormous new possibilities and has the power to transform individuals and society.

  • Pragyan goal is to inspire every child to become both good and smart, a pride of the human race, a citizen of the world and a light of humanity.
  • Pragyan education acknowledges that man is a mine rich in gems of inestimable value and the purpose of Pragyan education is to draw out the hidden gems from within each child, to visualize the gem in the rock and to polish each piece until it each shines like a gem.
  • We define education as a continuous and creative process.
  • We leads towards the goal, by giving more importance to inner over outer aspects and taking practical measures that support these directions, a child can become a light of this world, serving her community in unique and creative ways, with a sense of purpose and motivation that comes from within.
  • Knowledge, wisdom, spiritual perception and eloquent speech, with deeds not words as testimony, are Four Outcomes of a Broader, Bolder educational process. These are the most important outcomes from Pragyan education.

Pragyan education kindles the fire that is already latent in each child, just like a mighty tree is latent within each seed. We recognize the young plant that will in time become a fruitful tree. We prepare the environment for his highest development. Just like a young plant needs a guiding stick, so does a young child need guidance. Most important lessons a child will learn are the lessons about their spiritual life. We become the propelling forces that allow the tree of human being to grow into an upright and fruitful tree.