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Message from Examination Incharge

“Succors is not a destination; it’s a Journey of excellence with endless path”

Responsibility is either burden or bludgeon depends on the perception of the doer the way he/she takes it. It is opportunity to those who are determined to shoulder the responsibility, apparently an excuse to the shirkers. Responsibility is performed to be exemplified not to be detested or disliked.

The greater the responsibility is, the higher the chances are there to be recognized for your performance.

Considering and maintaining the sense of responsibility as Examination In-charge with due and genuine confidentiality and secrecy, I have performed my job with the best of my potentiality. I feel boundlessly honored to have such a deserving position in a renowned school like Pragyan Public School. I am greatly thankful to our management to consider me able recognizing my latent talent and finesse as a responsible performer. Whatever the minute and major work related to exam like perfect seating arrangement and smooth functioning of school is required to be done, I have been doing this all perfectly enough and will continue with utmost earnestness and seriousness. Pragyan public school is well known for imparting quality education and we, teachers, are making optimal efforts to keep the momentum on and bring unbelievable revolution in its quality with our service.

Rajat sirothiya
(Examination Incharge)