Developing Spiritual Understanding

'Spiritual understanding combined with reason expands a child's ability to better perceive, empathize and comprehend.

'Human beings are endowed with spiritual capacities. An understanding of the spiritual, positive values and virtues provides individuals and societies with moral accountability, which is the basis of human integrity. A spiritual foundation, irrespective of a person's religion or values system, provides a deeper context to a child's activities, be they academic, physical, social, or in time, professional. Such a focus helps children develop universal values and virtues such as trustworthiness, compassion, humility, courage, kindness, and patience in an effort to assist them to expand their ability to better perceive, participate, experience, empathize, and comprehend.

Pragyan provides Spiritual understanding that can combine with reason to transform rational thinking and material growth into a continuous stream of self-improvement and aid spiritual as well as material progress.

There is a natural connection between science and spirituality as two important and connected vehicles for the discovery of the world and its inner realities. Children need to get an education of both. Pragyan provides both Science and Spiritual education.  More knowledge of ideals and principles is not enough; there is need to translate these ideals into action. Pragyan translates these ideals into action.